The Ruark Kids

Fire Forget*


* Note: In honor of our younger and/or more puritanical audience and the Grammy Awards and the Recording Academy, the title of this post has been modified in a Cee Lo Green manner.

Thalia of course is saying many things now, building longer and longer sentences like “I want that” and “What is it?” She has always been a good parrot, and often says almost anything you say to her back, sometimes with repetitive vigor, such as when Nonna had her saying, “Buongiorno” over and over. I imagine Mo would have a field day with “Donut! Donut!”

Last week at school, shortly before I picked the girls up, a fire truck went passed their playground while they were outside. Thalia’s teacher Lisa told the kids what it was, and they started wondering where it had gone. “Where’d the fire truck go?”

Well, Thalia liked the phrase “fire truck” apparently, and was saying (some might say, shouting) it over and over, but unfortunately her little mouth and tongue can’t quite work through the complexities of starting one word with an “F” sound and then quickly starting another word with a “TR” sound. So instead she just makes it alliterative, and we end up with a slightly apologetic teacher, a laughing daddy, and our sanitized post title.

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