The Ruark Kids

What…is your favourite color?


At 21 months now, Thalia is starting to learn her colors with some accuracy. She initially has been calling everything “Blue!” (almost like “baloo”). But in books like Mouse Paint and with her straw cups, she has had more success than failure at identifying the correct color when asked to point to it.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, she has two toothbrushes. One is predominately blue, and the other is predominately yellow. Every time we go to brush teeth, she gets to decide whether she wants the blue one or the yellow one (or, in her early days of naming colors, the blue one or the other “blue” one).

Naturally, one night she asked for the “blue” one, and as I reached for the real blue one, she started to kick, said, “nooo” and then, “yellow!”

Among fans of Monty Python and Sir Galahad, there was much rejoicing! yaaaaay….

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