The Ruark Kids

Faux Dooda and other goodies

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Thalia can do some impressive things, like almost sing the A-B-C’s and nearly in tune too:

But, being still not quite yet two, she does have some amusing verbal misfires still, including:

  • Bathing soup (bathing suit)
  • Lego room (living room, and accurate since that’s where we keep the Lego’s)
  • Mix phoot (mixed fruit, the little Del Monte fruit cups)
  • Aunti Mock-it (Aunt Margaret)

And my current favorite:

Yes, that’s Faux Dooda for smoked gouda. We verified tonight that anything that starts with “sm” she starts with an “f” sound. It worked with smokin and smock, but then when I tried “smart,” she started to get wise to me.

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