The Ruark Kids

Bedding Upgrade


Tonight, Thalia upgraded from her sleepsack–which once she had moved into a bedroom with Siena was no longer used for sleep or as a sack, and instead got deployed in many other nefarious ways including as a night-time projectile, a wrap for baby dolls (Siena pounced on that opportunity faster than a wild dog on Chuck Wagon), and a ruse to keep us coming into her room to put it on or take it off–to an actual sheet. (Note: I’ll be the first to admit to a nasty habit of writing in a convoluted if perhaps even affected depth-first writing style; you’ll just have to deal with it while you wait for me to post more pictures.)

Thalia was getting chilly at night without her sleep sack, which she usually had been removing about five microseconds after we leave her room, and she has even been waking up around 11 or midnight screaming and requiring some snuggling, usually because she’s so cold. Remarkably, Siena has yet to stir during these screaming bouts. We have to keep her room cool because Siena is in her bed all snuggled under her sheet. So we’ve taken the plunge and set her up with a twin sheet foldedr up to fit her crib.

She got very excited about this new arrangement, so much so that she interrupted her last book half-way through in order to go to bed, and when Mama was putting her down, she said, “I like my new sheet.”

Bed time even seemed a little quieter than usual. And we just checked in on her and she’s still under there, snug as a bug. Hooray!


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