The Ruark Kids

Thalia loves her new bed


Earlier this week we dismantled the crib and put Thalia in a twin-size bed. It’s an aero-bed mattress that we just put on the floor, so she’s welcome to just roll out of it onto the floor for now. The first night she was all over the place: sideways, backwards, wrapped up in sheets, body on the floor with head on the mattress at the foot of the bed, entirely on the floor. She was also up until almost 9:45 “celebrating” (mostly, singing and bouncing and chatting while Siena tried to get her quiet); it was a lot like their first night in the same room together. Already within a few days, she’s gotten the hang of sleeping with a pillow and under the covers and not rolling off as much.

But she still loves it, as evidenced by this video, in which she is shouting “New bed!”


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