The Ruark Kids


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Mama has really taken to face painting, and is very good at it. I’ve suggested she could sell her services to birthday parties. And in fact, for a friend’s party this past weekend, Siena dressed in black tights and an orange sweatshirt to be a tiger, but the real magic of the outfit was in her face:


At the party (which I did not attend because Thalia was napping), she (Mama) offered to paint other kids’ faces and got mobbed, spending much of the time there doing it.

Siena was so excited that on Sunday she had her face painted again. She described this as “a garden on my face:”


And on Monday morning, I had to bring Siena home from school because she had contracted a nasty-looking case of pink eye. We suspect that it got spread to her from one of the kids at the party via the paints, and she got it after being painted the second time on Sunday. That was a nasty garden on her face!

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