The Ruark Kids

Where is the time going


For some reason it has been incredibly challenging to find the time or, more so, the energy, to figure out what to write. Or, as often happens, we’ll see something funny or amazing happen and say to each other that we need to blog this, but then by the time the girls are in bed, tomorrow is prepared, and the evening is settled down, I’ve forgotten what the darn thing was.

Maybe that’s just an indicator of how normal the funny or amazing events are, that I can no longer remember individual ones, and instead they coalesce into the single continuous flow of what it means to have two kids who are now, actually, kids.

Aside from the news that we just returned from a 7 night Caribbean cruise, and a daunting 700+ photos await my analysis if I can ever get around to it (and nevermind how much fun the girls had on the trip; Siena would probably get right back on the ship for another cruise), I don’t feel like there is much to report.

So here is a recent picture of the girls.

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