The Ruark Kids

Bedtime conversation


Siena has taken to regularly sleeping in the bottom bunk bed with Thalia. (It started after Thalia had a nightmare about having bugs in her hair and in her bed, which persisted into the next day and was resolved the first night with lots of snuggling with Mama and the second with having Siena in her bed to protect her.) The usual routine is we put Siena to bed in her own, top-bunk bed, but for some (contrived) reason or another, she eventually makes her way down to Thalia’s bed. In reality, we don’t really mind as long as they get a good night’s sleep, which they seem to be doing.

Tonight, after some late giggling and shrieking, I went in to have a word with them, and of course discovered Siena in Thalia’s bed, at this point pretending to be asleep. Here’s how things transpired:

Me: It’s too noisy in here, time for bed.

Thalia: Siena was putting her foot in my mouth.

Me: Siena, don’t do that. And, you aren’t supposed to be in Thalia’s bed. You need to be in your own bed.

Siena: (pretending to be asleep, on her tummy facing the wall)

Me: Siena, I know you’re awake. You need to be in your own bed.

Siena: Daddy, is it OK if I’m in Thalia’s bed?

Me: And Thalia, no more horsing around, OK?

Thalia: No.

Me: Thalia?

Thalia: No horsing around.

Siena: Is it OK if I’m in Thalia’s bed?

Me: I’m not going to answer that, Siena. No more horsing around. (I give Thalia a hug and Siena a pat on the back and get up to leave.)

Siena: I’m gonna assume the answer is yes.

Me: Good night girls.

It was a lot funnier in person and in the retelling to Mama than typing it out her can relate. Siena is one smart cookie.

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