The Ruark Kids

Siena Kindergarten is finished


Amazingly, a school year has gone by, and Siena graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that I can post because all the pics I took include her classmates, and I don’t want to go posting their pictures.

We were just so immensely proud of Siena in her year of K that I couldn’t do it justice in one entry. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I will note that the kids wrote, designed, and performed a play entirely on their own, and Siena ended up with one of two roles with the most speaking lines (a title role, in fact!). We were thrilled at how well she did. She told us she’s interested in doing more plays in the future.

Here is a shot of Siena and Thalia a few weeks ago enjoying the beaters from a recent cream whipping.


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