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Good List Bad List


Siena has been very mindful of good and bad lists this year. One Saturday morning she was most concerned that because she was being reprimanded that she was going to be on the bad list and not get any presents. So just what we need now to add to the normal stresses of the holiday season and of trying to raise a 6-year old are these silly worries that several moments of reprimand will knock her off some good list and impact her opportunity to get gifts.

On the other hand, Siena has been creating her own good and bad lists. The good lists always include everyone in the family, including the pets, and some of her friends.

The bad list she created yesterday was entirely empty. How optimistic, tolerant, and empathetic of her!

The bad list she created last week had two entries on it:

  • Warriors
  • Vikings

What are they teaching kids at school these days?

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