The Ruark Kids

Power Windows


I was waiting with Thalia and Siena in the car the other day for Siena’s bus, and in order to get some of the ice off my window, I lowered it down and raised it back up. The girls, having mastered their own back seat window controls ages ago, decided to do the same, which they think is great because they love making their windows go up and down. Then I had my “brilliant” idea. I told each of them to lower their windows all the way down, and then I would count 1-2-3-Go! and they would power their windows up. First one whose window closes wins. Playing completely to type, Siena dutifully waited for the “Go” and then started her window, whereas Thalia twice faulted by starting her window after I said “3.” I’m not sure if she just wasn’t paying attention, was too young to really get it, or was jumping the gun because she’s a sneaky little trickster. In any event, of the two valid starts we had, each girl won one.

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