The Ruark Kids

Playing together in the tub


When we moved into this house, we inherited a whirlpool tub in the substantially over-sized master bath. While neither of the grown-ups has stepped foot into that tub for the purposes of bathing, the girls absolutely love it. Siena loves having the jets on, but interestingly Thalia does not. She’ll get out of the tub when we turn on the jets. Then she waits while the bubbles from the shampoo really foam up, and after we stop the jets, she’ll get back in. Then the girls have a great time slathering soap bubbles all over themselves, such as on their chins to make beards. It must be a highlight of their day.

And while we’re on the subject of bath, here they are foot-by-foot for comparison:

Siena’s basically a size 3 now, that big-footed girl.

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