The Ruark Kids

When did Thalia turn 12?


Thalia has been a bit fussy lately when things aren’t going “her way.” In addition to whining, crying, and even throwing the infrequent tantrum, she has certain sayings as well, including “You never say ‘X’ again!” where ‘X’ is whatever we had just told her not to do.

Last night, she added the following to her arsenal: “You don’t know anything about me!”

To which Mama responded that our four-year old was acting like she just turned twelve.

To be fair, she (Thalia) is kind of kidding; we are usually laughing within a minute after these types of outbursts. We started enumerating the things we do know about her, such as her age, her height, her friends. Siena quickly got to 10 things she knows about Thalia, so Thalia had to agree that in fact we do know quite a bit about her.

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