The Ruark Kids

Only Kids Know


The girls (and the parents, too, to be honest) got a dessert treat this evening. In this case, that meant half a chocolate-chip cookie sandwich with frosting  on the inside, and half of that dipped in chocolate. It’s only about four bites for an adult, five if one takes one’s time, so in absolute terms there really isn’t all that much frosting on the inside.

Yet somehow after Thalia was done with her dessert sandwich, she managed to have a little pouf of frosting on the tips of, I kid you not, eight fingers. For all I know, it was all ten fingers, and I just saw her as she was 20% done licking them off.

I inquired of her how did she get frosting on all of those fingers?

Siena, walking into the kitchen and bringing all seven of her years to bear, said,

“That’s a trick only kids know and grown-ups will never figure out.”

To which Mama replied, “That statement right there is a blog post,” which it now is.

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