The Ruark Kids

Things to enjoy


I was dancing with Siena and Thalia today. My dances with the girls are frenetic and expansive but coarse if not clumsy. It is fortunate that I have yet many years in which to acquire the grace I will need for that singular dance with each of them–but I digress. The girls particularly like when each holds onto one of my hands and I lead (drag) them back and forth and around the room. Much giggling ensues.

During one of these routines, as we were all laughing while I dragged them around, Siena asked me, Is this what you enjoy about being a dad? I kind of jokingly replied, Yes, though it wears me out. She concurred, but reiterated her point: This is the fun part of being a daddy, right?

Obviously, it is, at least for now. Eventually, they won’t want to dance this way, just like Siena no longer asks for us to snuggle with her in her bed when she goes to sleep like she did in when was two, and how I do miss those precious moments. But surely we’ll find new things to enjoy. For now, though, it’s a quality work-out for everyone involved.

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