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Busy weekend: Ballet and Fire Truck!


This past weekend was very busy for the girls. On Saturday Siena had her normal art class and later on a play date with a friend in town all afternoon, and for dinner we went over to friends’ house for steak, potatoes, and Scrabble. Oh yes, and Mama sold t-shirts at the town dump for two hours to help raise money for our town’s July 4th festivities. My involvement with the dump just involved leaving trash and recycling there.

On Sunday, the girls went shopping at Target, Nonna arrived to visit us, and Thalia had her ballet recital. Here are pictures from her three minutes of stage time, plus hamming it up afterwards in her candy-cane costume:

Half-way through, I left with Siena to take her to a friend’s birthday party, and later on we all went out to dinner for some TexMex. The girls split a virgin peach margarita, though I suspect I drank the bulk of it. Many chips were had.

On Monday morning, a fire truck came to our house:

But not to worry. They were here to pick up Siena and drive her to the town fire station. Why? Because Siena was the third-grade winner of a school contest to draw and annotate a fire-escape plan for her home. The reward was a trip to the station in the fire truck, homemade breakfast (with the rest of us, who chased the truck into town), and a trip to school in the truck with the lights flashing and the sirens blaring. What a morning!

Here she is getting picked up, sitting in the cab on Engine 1, and with some of the other winners from other grades:

She was thrilled!

P.S. here is Thalia to show scale. What a tire!

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