The Ruark Kids

Thalia Logic


Thalia lost another tooth today, this one at school. She decided that she’ll want to put it under her pillow tonight instead of the little box that goes on her dresser that she’s been using. She wants to see if her tooth fairies are able to get to the tooth while it’s under her pillow (sneaky girl, and not something Siena has thought to do yet).

But that’s not the good bit. The good bit was her logic before dinner when she asked me if this would be OK (she didn’t articulate her logic, but it’s clear what was going on in her little head):

  1. Thalia’s pajamas have to be under her pillow during the day.
  2. She wants to put her tooth under her pillow.
  3. Two things cannot be under her pillow at the same time.
  4. Therefore, can she wear her pajamas during dinner?

Nice try, Thalia, nice try.

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