The Ruark Kids

The song with the whale


Conversation in car on way to art today with Thalia:

Me: I said something stupendously awesome that I can’t recall any more.

Thalia: Go Daddy!

Me: Go…… Daddy!

Thalia: Were you going to say “Go me?”

Me: Nope, just Go Daddy!

Thalia: Is there a song with “Go Daddy” in it?

Me: Well, it’s a company name, but there is a song “Go Daddy-O”

So then I played it for her (Go Spotify!).

After a few moments:

Thalia: This sounds like the one with the whale in it.

Me: The whale?!

Thalia: Yeah!

Me: Um….Moby Dick?

Thalia: No

Me: Pinocchio?

Thalia: No! The one with the whale. It had a saxophone.

Realization slowly dawns…

Me: Oh you mean that kind of whale.

Last time Thalia heard that one was more than a year ago, when we used to watch the video. She has a fantastic memory. I quickly put on Brian Setzer’s version of “Jump Jive an’ Wail,” which made her day.

Excellent music video with equally excellent suicide door (and yes thanks to Monster Garage I know what those are) here:


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