The Ruark Kids

February 1, 2011
by John

Siena draws Barley

Here is a recent sketch Siena did of Barley: She nailed the tail, getting the curl up that Barley always has. And the lines above the head she drew as she was saying, “And her head is soooo soft…”

December 2, 2010
by John

Introducing … pooch

We ended up choosing to adopt the pooch, so we picked her up last weekend after Thanksgiving, and she’s at home in our kitchen terrorizing a rawhide bone right now. Here she is! We haven’t finalized a name just yet. … Continue reading

November 13, 2010
by John

Dog Shopping

We went to meet a rescue dog today, a potential new member of our family. The jury is still out on whether we’ll take her or not. The girls did great, especially given the 90 minutes in the car each … Continue reading

June 10, 2010
by John


Our dog, companion, and friend of eight years is gone. Nalia died today after a four-plus month bout with cancer. I wrote the following as I worked through my thoughts. I quickly came to the conclusion that writing verse is … Continue reading