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Please feel free to add comments to this page. We’ll probably read it to Siena periodically, and then show it to her when she’s old enough to read. And eventually she’ll be old enough to type back at you, so watch out!


  1. Hi Siena! We’re very glad to have you here with us.

  2. From Siena’s mom:

    We love you, Siena!

  3. From Emma Cox:

    Hi Siena! I can’t wait to meet you again. My mommy and daddy promised that we can get together sometime in 2007, but told me that your parents had to be available too. You’ve grown a lot since I first met you. I’d really like to show you how to roll across the floor — I’m really good at that now.

    See you soon, I hope!


  4. Siena:

    Wonderful to see some pictures of you. You are are a true blessing to so many people. Behave for Mom and Dad. You have so much ahead of you. I look forward to meeting you in person very soon


  5. Hey little sweetie!

    Mo wishes she could see how much you have grown and have you show me all the new things you have learned already. I look through your pictures a lot, so please keep on smiling and being silly. Hope that you are feeling better today. love, MO

  6. I’m sorry you hurt yourself. You look sad in your picture, but I’m sure that you will be well soon. I look forward to see you smiling again.
    Love and hugs and kisses, Nonna

  7. Siena – your Stein grandparents are here in Tucson with us, and showed us your website. Very cool! Our grandson Sammy (your “fourth cousin”) doesn’t have one, and we are sure he is very jealous. If he isn’t, we are jealous for him! Your Nonna has shown us pictures of you – you are very pretty.

    Say hi to your parents for us.

    Scott & Susan

  8. Hello Siena,
    I love this web site! I love seeing pictures of you and reading about what you are doing. I am so proud of you and your wonderful parents.

  9. Happy New Year Siena!

    MO and Granddad look forward to seeing you grow and reading your dad’s wonderful writings about your youthful journey through this new year. You may be growing like a weed but you are developing into a beautiful flower bud. GO Girl! We love you, MO & Granddad

  10. I am Great-grandmother Claire and I am so happy to tell Siena that I have been so glad to have a chance to tell Siena that Daddy has been telling all of us,or at least helping Siena to tell all of us about her life. We all wish we could live in a great big house where we could see each other every
    day. I would like to see IZZY in the house too and Nonna and Pop too and Izzy’s parents too, but as that is impossible Your and Thalia’s blogs is probably the best thing because if I had to add Henry (or Hank as I call him) it would be awfully crowded, right? January l2 , 2012

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