The Ruark Kids

June 10, 2010
by John


Our dog, companion, and friend of eight years is gone. Nalia died today after a four-plus month bout with cancer. I wrote the following as I worked through my thoughts. I quickly came to the conclusion that writing verse is … Continue reading

February 10, 2010
by John
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Aging, Ailing Animals

Our pets are getting old. Penny is 15 and recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. That at least explains the late-night warbling, the reemergence of the bushy tail, and the interest after all these years in treats. Nalia is 8 and just … Continue reading

October 16, 2008
by John

Standing Guard

Nalia is currently spread out across the doorway to Siena’s bedroom. She’s been doing it for about a week. It’s like our dog is protecting our baby. Or maybe keeping Siena from wandering out at night if she jumps out … Continue reading